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The Stalker, real name Kenji Omiya, is an antagonist of Death Forest. He chases you once you pick up the gasoline. He appears in all Death Forest movies


The Stalker is a pale, white skinny humanoid. He has sharp teeth and eyes looking in different directions, giving him a crazed look on his face. He has no hair. He looks the same in all five movies.


In life, Kenji was a bachelor and a hard working civil engineer. He was also a close friend of the five year younger Ren Sudou who lived close by. When he was 23 in the year 2013, he drove Ren and a friend of his, Yoshida, through the forest due to unspecified urgent business but his car broke down, leaving them stranded. They were suddenly attacked by Yoshie and fled in different directions. Kenji tried to flee through the tunnel but once he saw that it was a dead end, he gave up and Yoshie killed him.


The Stalker spawns inside the Stalker Maze once you pick up the gasoline. He will chase the player through the maze, following them for the rest of the game. However, thanks to the way the AI was programmed, Stalker will get stuck inside the maze and won't follow you if you're fast enough. Stalker makes loud footsteps and moans once near the player. He moves at about the same speed as the player.


Once you pick up the gasoline, run through the rest of the maze as fast as you can. If you're fast enough, Stalker won't be able to chase you for the rest of the game. It is recommended that you remember the layout of the maze so you don't make any wrong turns.

Old Versions[]

In old versions of the game, Stalker spawned in the maze near the deep maze with UMA, neither the deep maze nor Stalker's Maze in the current version existing in this old version. He will attack you once the gasoline is picked up.



  • In the end credits scene, when it shows The Stalker, there is a mysterious light in the background. This doesn't happen for any of the other characters.
  • In the beta version the stalker appears to have been slightly faster.