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The Stranger, real name Ren Sudou, is an antagonist of Death Forest. He chases you in the box maze.

He appears in Death Forest 3, 4, and 5 as an antagonist.


The Stranger has a similar appearance to The Stalker except for his staple pitch black holes for eyes, and him lacking teeth. He is also slightly more muscular, sporting a visible six-pack.


In life he was a cheerful young man who loved to paint and a close friend of Kenji Oomiya, who happened to live nearby. He was also a good friend of Yoshida who was in the same art club as him in school. At the age of 18, in 2013, Oomiya drove him and Yoshida through the forest due to uncertain urgent business but the car broke down, leaving them stranded. They were suddenly attacked by Yoshie and fled in different directions. Ren tried to flee into the forest but ended up killed by the Unnamed Child. He was then later transformed into the monster encountered in the game.


The Stranger spawns inside the Stranger Maze which is required to go through on your motorbike once you have all the items. He's inside a section where you need to open a door and is activated by taking a few steps. Once activated, a cutscene will play where he screams and he will run towards you. He will chase you for the rest of the game unless you shut the door on him. He makes a strange panting noise when close to the player. He moves at a slower speed than the player.


It is recommended that you wait for Stranger to approach you first and then making your way through the maze quickly while he's behind you, or else he will corner you and trap you. Make sure to shut the door behind you as you leave, but don't shut the other door or else you won't be able to leave on your motorbike.

Old Versions[]

In older versions, the cutscene where Stranger screamed at you had much brighter lightning, along with a few other minor changes. He also seems to be able to escape his spawn more easily in this version, chasing you down for the entire game.