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UMA, real name Susumu Ryugasaki, is an antagonist of Death Forest who first appeared in the "Proliferation" edition. He spawns in the UMA Maze and continues to chase the player for the rest of the game.


UMA is a large, lanky, and deformed Asian human with short black hair. His face also features red scleras and white pupils/irises with an enormous bloody mouth that hangs open and a flattened nose. It should also be noted that his arms appear to feature an extra joint not present in healthy humans.


Susumu was a 20 year old worker in 1998 when he was killed in an incident in the UMA Maze, becoming UMA. He has been deformed for a long time.


UMA spawns in the underground level of the UMA Maze once the wheel is collected. Once spawned, he will chase the player for the rest of the game. When the player reenters the surface level of the UMA Maze, he will teleport up, jumpscaring the player. He makes a barking noise and is slower than the player but faster than Yoshie.


The best way to survive UMA is to memorize the layout of the maze so you don't take a wrong turn and get killed. It is recommended not to go into any enclosed areas once he starts chasing you, or else he may trap you.



  • UMA shares a few similarities with Yoshie, which is both being pale-skinned, both having black hair, both having an Asian appearance, both having large mouths, and both appearing to have blood on their mouths.
  • UMA was the last monster added to Death Forest, not appearing in older versions.
  • In the files, UMA is referred to as 'monster dog' in the game's files. This most likely has to do with the "barking" sound UMA makes while chasing the player.
  • UMA is the fastest monster in the game.
  • UMA's maze is the largest maze in the game note that since the UMA maze is the largest maze it is hard.
  • UMA is the only monster besides the unnamed child, to not appear in the death forest movies
  • In 90% of cases, UMA gets stuck on the bridge if he follows you here. He can also softlock you if he catches you in the Oil Shed