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Yoshie, full name Yoshie Kimura, is the main antagonist of Death Forest. She is the only character who constantly chases you throughout the whole game. When she was alive she was a beautiful 20 year old woman attending second year in medical school, but in 2007 she went missing while exploring a forest with her classmate, Asuno Youta. In the forest she and Asuno found a cave and Yoshie was killed by an unknown person. The killer beat her to death with a pipe until her face split open into her iconic permanent smile. In the Death Forest Movies she isn't smiling but appears to have a frown on her face.


Yoshie resembles a pale, white-skinned Asian woman with short black hair. She has large eyes and an unnaturally wide smiling mouth with reddish, presumably blood stained, teeth. In-game, she appears as a simple image and has no animation, akin to a floating head.


Yoshie spawns north of the player's spawn and will begin chasing the player straight away. Her AI is programmed to take the most direct route at a slightly slower speed than the player, which can sometimes get her stuck in corners or on walls. When near the player, her theme, "The beginning of reward," will play. The sound seems to come from her location as it will play louder and louder the closer she gets. Like all other monsters, she can climb all non 90º inclines and cannot pass through walls. If Yoshie falls out of the map she will teleport back to her spawn location.


Because Yoshie is slower than the player, you should be able to run past Yoshie with ease. You can abuse Yoshie's AI on the bridge section by making sure that she doesn't follow you up the stairs, as she won't be able to get on your level. It is recommended that you don't look at Yoshie when she is chasing you, as that will only slow you down and let Yoshie gain on you. It is recommended that you activate Stranger's chase at the start of the game, as Yoshie spawns away far enough that you can open the door and get up the rocks before Yoshie can catch you.



  • Although it may be unintentional, Yoshie resembles Souichi from a manga that Junji Ito wrote.
  • Her face is photoshopped from the creator Kazz's, as confirmed by Kazz themselves.
  • Yoshie was the reason why Kazz started work on Death Forest, as Kazz made the face and he decided he wanted to make a game about it.
  • Her theme is taken from Musmus, who distributes free music. Her theme can be found on their website under the title, "The beginning of reward."
  • Yoshie will always appear to face the player. This is partially to hide the fact that she is a 2D image. This method is called "billboarding"
  • Yoshie's face is flipped horizontally in the end credits. It is unknown why this was done.